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The estate planning attorney and elder law attorney at California Elder Law Center have 17 years of experience helping families get the quality of care they need and deserve…and NOT go broke doing it! Thousands of families over the years have discovered they are not alone, there are solutions and that it is possible to use Medi-Cal and VA benefits to pay for all or some of a loved one’s Long-Term care needs. Whether facing a hospital stay, currently in a rehab facility or currently in an assisted living or nursing home, immediate help is available. Our staff of attorney, professional advocates and the dedicated personnel of the California Elder Law Center are always available to answer questions and take the steps necessary to make sure you get every penny of help with Long-Term Care expenses available to you, your family and your loved ones. Whether the care is needed at home, in an assisted living or in a board and care or nursing home, you can count of the California Elder Law Center supporting and protecting you and your family.

There has never been a better time, for you, your loved ones, to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that comes from meeting with an attorney like Michael J. McGuire who has over thirty years of experience and service. Reach out to 760-422-0404 today!

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As we grow older, the roles of caregiver and recipient can reverse. We may be called upon to provide the type of care that our parents previously provided to us. We may become responsible for the care and well-being of someone we love. It is a tremendous opportunity to give back to someone who has given you so much.

There are many issues that must be considered when helping an older loved one secure the care he or she deserves. Determining what sort of care that person will need and how to pay for that care in the way that is the least harmful to his or her finances are major issues.

The successful resolution of the issues that confront seniors and their loved ones calls for the guidance of an experienced team that understands the concerns that confront individuals as they age and their families.

Dedicated To Helping Seniors And Their Families

At the California Elder Law Center, we are committed to helping individuals and their families secure quality care for their loved ones.Over the years, our dedication to helping our clients meet those needs has built a body of experience, skill and knowledge on the issues encountered by seniors and their families. Our experience and skill help us act as effective advocates for seniors.We are proud of the help we offer our clients and their families.

Michael J. McGuire has served at the state and national levels of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney (NAELA). He also uses his experience with elder law issues to help seniors through such avenues as his radio show on KRLA 870, “Elder Answers,” and by regularly speaking to seniors on issues that concern them such as financial matters and securing long-term care.

Helping Seniors And Their Families

Estate Planning Attorney in The Coachella Valley

At California Elder Law Center we are committed to helping senior citizens get their affairs in order. We specialize in wills and trusts, long term care plans, and durable powers of attorney.

In our experience as estate planning attorney in The Coachella Valley, we can tell you firsthand that many people don’t realize the importance of setting up a proper estate plan. By working with us, we can ensure that important decisions relating to your health and your assets remain in your hands in the event of your passing, or incapacitation.

Probate Attorney in The Coachella Valley

Probate attorney deal specifically with wills, trusts, and the distribution of assets. Typically, courts oversee the administration of the terms and conditions that are outlined in a person’s will. Probate attorney can help to ensure that the terms of the will are fulfilled as intended with little or no delays — as probate can be a long and arduous process for someone who is inexperienced.

Additionally, you may need the services of a probate attorney in The Coachella Valley if a loved one has passed away without any form of estate plan in place. At California Elder Law Center we specialize in helping our clients navigate the difficult process of probate, or avoid it entirely if possible. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your specific case.

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“Thank you, once again, for your recent gift and for longstanding support of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.”

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