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Assisted Living Facilities in The Coachella Valley

For families that are facing the difficult choices that surround helping their aging loved ones through the continuum of care options that are available to them, several issues are prominent, including:

  • Quality of care — Ensuring that your senior loved one receives optimal care is a top priority. We have deep roots with the community of long-term care providers. We can help you find the right care provider or facility for your loved one.
  • Cost – Not only is the cost of care growing every year, but the level of care your loved one needs may intensify. This will lead to higher costs and a more substantial impact on your aging loved one’s assets as well as your family’s finances.
  • Protecting the home – Many seniors fear that accepting long-term care benefits may cost them their home. We understand this fear and we are skilled at helping seniors and their families maximize the benefits they receive without putting them in difficult situations.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer differing levels of care that meet the different needs of individual seniors:

  • Nursing home – A nursing home offers round-the-clock medical care and services in a residential setting.
  • Assisted living – Assisted living facilities offer seniors a number of services they need, including meals and assistance with dressing and hygiene in a residential setting.

Determining what level of care is appropriate for your senior loved one can be a daunting task without knowledgeable guidance to help you weigh the options. We can help you understand the benefits nursing homes and assisted living facilities have to offer. You owe it to your aging loved one to make the right choice for them.

Assisted Living Facilities in Long Beach
Assisted Living Facilities in Long Beach

Dedicated To Helping Seniors And Their Families Face The Financial Challenges Of Long-Term Care

At the California Elder Law Center, we are committed to the personal and financial well-being of our clients. We have decades of experience working to protect the best interests of our clients as they face the complex bureaucracies that control the various benefits that can help their senior loved ones pay for the long-term care they need at an assisted living facility or nursing home. Further, our extensive contacts within the community of long-term care providers allow us to help you to make informed choices about your senior loved one’s care.

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We all want our loved ones to have access to the long-term care they need as they grow older. Turn to the California Elder Law Center for help understanding how to secure the funds necessary to ensure your loved one has the care he or she needs. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your nursing home and assisted living facility questions with an attorney at our firm, call us at 760-422-0404.

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