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Public Health Agencies, up and down California, are asking the general public to protect themselves and their loved ones, to prepare and have available necessary LEGAL documents that provide the authority needed for family or trusted advisors to act on their behalf when they cannot.

These documents include:

  1. An Advanced Health Care Directiveappointing another person to make medical decisions for you when you cannot. Download Here.
  2. Statutory Durable Power of Attorney authorizing a person (s) that you trust to handle your financial affairs when you cannot Download Here.
  3. Do Not Resuscitate or DNR, to communicate your wishes during an ‘end of life’ episode. Download Here
  4. A ‘Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment’ or POLST, to be completed in conjunction with your physician to state your intent as to the level of care you and your physician have determined supports your wishes for care. Download Here

Many Californians have not prepared these important documents…but given the urgency facing everyone in California, the California Elder Law Center is proud to provide these critical documents to the public at no charge as an expression of our desire to be of service seniors and their loved ones during these most difficult times in our history.

These valuable and important documents are being provided FREE to anyone that wants or needs them. If you need them for yourself, your spouse, please download immediately to protect yourself. If you are accessing these documents for the benefit of a parent or loved senior in your life, use them immediately and be sure to down load them for you and your family. Remember, anyone in your life age 18 and on up, is an adult in California, so use them for grandchildren or your own children.

If you feel you need further assistance, you can reach out office at 760-422-0404


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