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At different stages of our lives, different levels and different types of care are needed. As we grow older and progress through this “continuum of care,” the challenge of meeting the ever-growing expense of the care we need can become a severe burden on almost anyone’s finances. The state of California developed the Medi-Cal program to help individuals and families meet that need, among others.

The Medi-Cal program is California’s version of Medicaid. Medi-Cal can help individuals and families meet the costs of caring for older loved ones. Home care, assisted living arrangements and the other care options that make up the “continuum of care” for seniors become progressively more expensive. Medi-Cal is designed to provide help to middle-class families and others who will experience serious financial impacts from long-term care costs.

medical qualification
medical qualification

Dedicated To Helping Seniors And Their Families Face The Financial Challenges Of Long-Term Care

At the California Elder Law Center, we have developed a three-stage process for individuals and families who are seeking help through the Medi-Cal program. The steps are:

  • Eligibility — We will look at your income to ensure you are eligible for Medi-Cal assistance.
  • Qualifying —We will examine your assets to see that they meet Medi-Cal guidelines.
  • Application — We will assist you in completing the Medi-Cal application. The Medi-Cal application is complex, and errors can result in costly benefit delays.

Michael J. McGuire is the president of the California Elder Law Center. He has almost two decades of experience in helping individuals and families face the issues that arise in the course of helping older loved ones meet their changing needs. He is proud of the help he has been able to provide to seniors and their families.

Let us put our skill and experience to work helping you secure Medi-Cal benefits so you can ensure that your loved one has the care he or she needs.

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We all want our loved ones to have access to the care that they need as they grow older. Medi-Cal can help keep access to that care affordable for families like yours. Turn to the California Elder Law Center for help securing the Medi-Cal benefits to which your loved one is entitled. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your Medi-Cal qualification with an attorney at our firm, call us at 760-422-0404, or fill out our contact form and we can call you.

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