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Medicare Eligibility

Medicare and Medi-Cal are two completely separate programs that are often confused for one another. Medicare is a federal benefit program. Medi-Cal is a program of the state of California. Medicare does not assist families with paying for long-term care; Medi-Cal does. But, Medicare is a tremendously beneficial program that many seniors rely on as they grow older and travel through the different levels within the continuum of care.

Having the experienced guidance of someone who understands what Medicare can do for you can help you maximize your benefits. Given the ever-rising costs of senior care, maximizing your benefits can help minimize the impact on family finances and even work to help you protect the family home.

Protecting your home and other assets can help you meet the challenges of funding long-term care. Too many people enter the continuum of care without a plan to protect their assets and property. Medicare and Medi-Cal can help you cover the costs of high quality care without depleting your assets or forcing you to rely on the generosity of loved ones. Let Medicare and Medi-Cal help you overcome the increasing costs of long-term care.

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Dedicated To Helping Seniors And Their Families Face The Financial Challenges Of Long-Term Care

At the California Elder Law Center, we know the Medicare system and what it can do to help seniors and their families meet the challenges of paying for the growing level of care that seniors typically need. Our decades of experience helping guide seniors and their loved ones through the complex bureaucratic channels of senior benefits allows us to offer our clients the best chance at getting the care they need while preserving their assets. Let us help you understand what Medicare can do to help you.

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We all want our loved ones to have access to the long-term care that they need as they grow older. Turn to the California Elder Law Center for help understanding how to secure the funds necessary to ensure your loved one has the care he or she needs. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your Medicare questions with an attorney at our firm, call us at 760-422-0404.

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