What Clients Say

Joe P

“Thank you Mr. McGuire for all you’ve done for myself and my family. Also your office staff. It is a pleasure to walk into your office and be greeted with a smiling face and greeting.”

Linda J. and Joan C.

“My daughter Linda and I want to thank you so much for the time you spent with us. It was a great help and you are a very caring and wonderful person.”


“Thank you, once again, for your recent gift and for longstanding support of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.”

Jean C

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. Without you, I would not have known who to turn to for help in getting my father’s Medi-Cal benefits. You have lifted a heavy burden that I was carrying throughout this ordeal with my dad. In the future, if we come across anyone going through the same issue, we will most definitely recommend your Law Center. You guys rock!”

Barbara & William B., 2009

“Sean, we just wanted to let you know that my dad was awarded the VA benefits of $1,644/month. It has been a huge difference…as he says, ‘Now I can afford to stay alive!.’ We are so grateful to you for your help and expertise, without which we surely would not have had such success.”

Allison, California State University Long Beach

“Thank you for participating in our Community Seminar Series. I know our attendees found the information presented to be extremely helpful. Your contribution as an advisor is invaluable to both our office and members of the community.”

Mandy C

After the amazing service you all at the California Elder Law Center have provided for us, it has been brought up all of these great discussions with other members of my family about setting up their own trust. Thank you again for all the hard work you all have done for us in establishing Ms. JoAnne’s C.’s trust. The help is priceless!”

Warren F

“We are touched by angels every day, a friendly hello from a stranger or a touch from a friend. An angel’s touch is as soft as a whisper or as gentle as a breeze, as warm as the sunshine or as soothing as an ocean wave. So the next time you are feeling low or alone, remember…you are touched by angles in all kinds of ways. Thank you for touching our lives in this time of sorrow. Your kind words and thoughtfulness are truly appreciated. Thank you for being our angel.”

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